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All You EVER Wanted to Know About Client-side Frameworks

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I’ve always wanted to speak at a conference. I’ve never done anything to make it happen, so when I got an opportunity to, I took it up.

JSFoo 2013 is on 20-21 September 2013. While their website hasn’t been updated since last year’s event, the Hasgeek Funnel has more information and is open to proposals.

I wrote up a proposal titled All you EVER wanted to know about client-side frameworks. I see a lot of FUD around client-side frameworks, and I want to talk about that. It’ll be about philosophy, patterns, best practices, code and helping developers make choices.

I already have 12 upvotes for my talk. I believe some are from my colleagues from Bang The Table who gave me very useful feedback on the topic. When I told my team what common questions would be answered by my talk, one of our front-end developers, who works mainly with Angular.js, exclaimed “Those are the exact questions I have!”. That’s validation right there, folks!

If selected, this will be my first conference talk, as well as my first talk with slides. I’m a live coding type of speaker. I love code, and understand that no amount of slides will replace showing the audience actual, working code. However, when I need to talk about philosophy and patterns, I recognize the importance of slides. I do promise I’ll keep them to a minimum!

Go, check out my proposal, and if you’d like me speaking on that topic, please click the ‘+1’ button to vote!