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Join Me as I Learn Scala

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It has been a while since I learnt a new language. I learnt Ember.js and React.js during the past year, but it’s time for something completely different.

When I started out writing desktop apps in 2002, I had an intense dislike for Java. It was originally positioned as a “Write once, run anywhere” language. However, writing desktop programs using Java was complex, and the GUI apps that I wrote looked so different than the native look & feel, that I was convinced I would never ever use it. Java was also responsible for the slowest parts of the web – Applets (Flash loaded quicker!) and annoyed me to no end with JRE’s update process. I understood Java as something positioned for the enterprise, and I wanted no part of it.

Fast forward twelve years, Java is in a near-dead state in both Desktop and Web environments. I’ve shifted to the web, and no longer write desktop apps professionally. Since the Kingdom of Nouns is a nightmarish dystopian landscape, I’d rather not go there. However, since I want to learn something that runs on the JVM, I looked at Scala.

I haven’t started learning it yet. I’ve tried out a few examples, but that’s it. I’d like to try out an experiment, where I blog about my learning, the resources I use, and comparing concepts to other languages I’ve used. I hope to publish at least one article every week. The idea is to get feedback early from Scala veterans, and other Scala beginners. Also, it’d spur me into writing more, which is something that I’ve been putting off in the last year.

To kick-start this experiment, I’ve updated my blog’s tagline to include Scala, and now sitting down with some ice cream to celebrate. That’s a good start, right?